A Youtube user left a comment on my previous video about the Tone Chart saying that he/she tried to make a Photoshop action out of this but it didn’t really work. I think I know what happened but instead of telling you what to do, I just did it for you. I made a Photoshop action that creates the tone chart. It’s free and I think many of you will find it very convenient.

Free Download

After downloading the file, extract the ZIP file and then doubleclick on the ATN file. The actions will then appear in the Photoshop Actions panel. You can find the Actions panel by going to Window > Actions.

Download Tone Chart Photoshop Actions

How to Use the Photoshop Actions

Step 1

In the Actions panel, simply open up the Denny’s Tips set and you’ll find the Tone Chart action inside. Select the action then hit the play button on the bottom of the panel. The action will create the tone chart for you.

Step 2

You can adjust the tones by editing the “Number of Levels” layer. Remember to keep this an odd number so that you always have a 50% gray area in your chart.

If you want the points in the tone curve to align with the grid in the background (as shown in the image below), set the number of levels to 5 or 9.

Step 3

When you’re done with that layer, you can start editing the curves. The layer is already created for you so you can start editing it right away. If you don’t know how to use the tone chart, click here to watch the video.


By the way, the actions will work with pretty much any image… so it’ll work whether your image is 1 megapixel or 100 megapixels… it’ll work if it’s square, landscape, portrait, superwide or tall. The only requirement is that your image is in 8 or 16-bit RGB mode. And you can check this by going to Image > Mode.

Thank You Selwyn Bear and DoubleB

So that’s the Photoshop action and I want to thank Youtube user Selwyn Bear for the idea. I also want to thank Reddit user DoublB and everyone who subscribed to my channel. You helped me gain over a hundred subscribers and right now the channel has… 231 subscribers… so I just want to thank you all so much for that. I hope some of you find this Photoshop action useful and I can’t wait to bring you guys even more videos tips.

Tone Chart Photoshop Actions
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Tone Chart Photoshop Actions
Download this free Photoshop action that makes it easy to create a tone chart in Photoshop.
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