Here’s a neat way to create your own ultra-portable velcro strap mount to mount things like action cameras, lights, smart phones and anything small and light with a tripod thread. You can create in a minute for less than $5.

What You Need

First, let’s go over the parts you need. You need a velcro strap. And for the velcro strap, make sure you’re getting the thick velcros and not the skinny ones because those won’t provide enough support. It should be at least three quarters of an inch. I got these from a local dollar store and they were $2 for a pack of 5. You can also find a bunch on Amazon and some of them have a buckle which makes it easier to use.

The second item you need is a hotshoe to tripod mount adapter. Make sure that they have the rolling knobs in the middle. I got these from Amazon and they were $8 for a pack of two.

Putting it Together

Step 1

So here’s how to make it. Start by removing the knobs from the hotshoe mount.

Step 2

Carefully cut a slit into the velcro just large enough so that it can fit through the screw.

Step 3

Place your velcro into the mount. You can place two if you want a more secure mount. Place the knobs back onto the adapter.

Step 4

And before we finish, if you don’t want the adapter to scratch the surface of things, it’s a good idea stick some grippy pad thingies onto the bottom of the mount. I got this piece of foam from leftover packaging and it works quite well.

Final Results

So there you go. Now you have a ultra portable velcro mount and you can use it to mount things onto fences, branches, tripod legs, shoulder straps, handheld gimbles and other things.

DIY Velcro Mount
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DIY Velcro Mount
Learn how to make your own velcro mount for GoPros, Lumecubes, and other small tripod-thread devices.
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